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The list  contains  the  names  of  candidates  found suitable  on  the  basis  of  the  result  of  the  Objective  Type  (OMR Valuation) Test held on 06.02.2010 and practical test(H Test + Road Test) held from 19.11.12 to 22.11.12 included in the Unified short list published on 07.09.2012 for selection to the post of  Driver (HDV)  on Rs.4990-7990(PR)  in  Excise  Department   (Category No.118/07-Direct  Recruitment   and  119/07  –  Recruitment  by transfer) in Palakkad District arranged in the order of merit.   The Ranked List is brought in to force with effect from  02.07.2013.  The Ranked List will be in force till the publication of a new Ranked List after the expiry of a minimum  period of one   year or till the expiry of three years whichever is earlier. Candidates from this list will be advised for appointment in accordance  with  the  rules  and orders  regarding  reservation  and rotation as  amended from time to time, if  applicable,   against  vacancies reported to the commission during the pendency of the list.As the advice for appointment depends on the occurrence of vacancies, there is no guarantee that all candidates included in the  list will secure appointment.   The candidates remaining in the list at the time of cancellation will have no claim at all for appointment on the basis of the inclusion of their names in the list.

The candidates who have obtained 67(Sixty seven) marks and above in the OMR test and qualified in the Driving test are included in the Main List of the Ranked  List.  The requisite marks  have  been lowered to the extent  necessary in respect of candidates under the reservation group of communities.

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